A Wrestlers Diet Disorder

I am not speaking for all wrestlers, but I am speaking to a big percent

I have wrestled for years, with wins and losses along the way. There are traditions in wrestling, none more relvant to overall health than the ritual of cutting weight. 

Cutting weight means, losing weight, period. Cutting weight means, not eating, skipping meals, eating absurdly small meals, weighing meals, stepping on a scale with food in hand in order to determine how much weight you would gain if you ate that banana. Yeah I did all of that and more. (Spitting in a cup for a 2 hour drive to a wrestling tournament will help you to lose 1lb…)

The goal of cutting weight, or rather the ideal goal is to lose a precise amount of weight in a precise amount of time, without losing any strength, power, speed, or endurance. To be the bigger, faster, stronger bad ass than your opponent, who maybe did not have to cut 10lbs 3 days prior but only 5lb…yeah which one is the bigger bad ass? 

The name of the game is dehydration, as losing 10lbs of fat in 3 days would require surgery or a lost limb. I have eaten so little food for my body’s estimated needed calories, for up to half a year worth of a wrestling season, that I would dream about eating food…every night. 

The eating disorder otherwise specified. Imagine a very lean muscular man (or woman) stepping on a weight scale, and saying “I’m fat, and need to drop 3 more pounds” your immediate reaction would be like “This person is crazy”. Now that was out of context, but honestly is it? These “practices” of counting calories, weighing food, checking weight 5-6x daily, eating “light” food, chewing gum to control hunger, wearing plastic suits, eating a TBSP of peanut butter AS DINNER, sure does sound like a unspecified eating disorder to me. Not to mention after “weigh ins”

Binging disorder…

finally made weight after a week or less of eating about 1000kcal worth of food, regular college students need up wards of 2000kcal DAILY and athletes even greater at 3000kcal depending on gender and sport. After you consume nearly 3000kcal worth of gatorades, peanut butter bagels, and cliff bars all in matter of an hour or two. Then after some wins, or what the hell happened loses…you lick your wounds, and begin the cutting weight process all over again…smh

I am not entirely sure I have a disordered eating pattern…I definitely don’t step on scales with food anymore, that’s for sure. 


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