Is Your Exercise Plan Working For You? How do you know if you are a “Low Responder or High Responder to Your Plan”

Have you heard of the term “hardgainer” or “ectomorph”, or how about “skinny fat”.  fullsizerender-4_large

Most likely you have heard of these terms if you have struggled with gaining weight i.e. lean body mass (muscle). What about the flip side of the fitness coin. Weight loss is hard to come by for those with the “endomorph” body type. The remaining body type is your mesomorph, who can pretty much do any type of resistance and cardio program and see results. All this can be simply broken down to two main terms: Low responders and high responders to exercise.

Another term exist out there; conjured up by the very low responders who just can’t seem to add any centimeters of muscle size to their frame, or lose even an ounce of weight. A  recent research article completely nulls that term. The article took a group of 78 healthy adults through a cardiorespiratory program for 6 weeks to determine who were “non-responders”. The participants were divided into 5 groups, each group did an identical endurance training program with varying training sessions during the week. Group #1 did one day of training a week, group #2 did two days, group #3 did 3 days, etc. Then the “non-responders” were recorded after the initial 6 weeks; mostly those in group #1, #2, #3. The “non-responders” went through an successive endurance training program for 6 weeks, but did an additional 2 sessions per week.

The results? The so called “non-responders” improved their peak power output after the 2nd endurance training program with added training sessions!

Simply put for those who are “non-responders” or rather low responders, increasing training volume according to the article can elicit performance based results when all other variables are controlled i.e. nutrition, sleep, and stress.

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